10 Interesting Ways To Lose 300 Calories


Ways To Lose 300 CaloriesAre you tired of experimenting with every kind of exercises to lose calories and finally gave up? If that’s your case then we have 10 sure shot ways to burn 300 calories per day.¬†You can add up this calorie cutting regime with your existing exercise schedule or diet plan.

Here are the best 10 ways to lose 300 calories every day.

1. Walk fast for 52 minutes. This is also called brisk walking.

2. Indulge into house cleaning activities for one hour.

3. Go for jogging for 30 minutes.

4. Paint a wall for 45 minutes is also helpful to cutting calories.

5. A 50 minute aqua aerobics is really helpful to lose 300 calories.

6. Go ice-skating for 40 minutes with your friends.

7. Do a 40 minutes scrub on your kitchen floors.

best ways to lose calories

8. 20 minutes continuous swimming will burn 300 calories.

9. Dance for 35 minutes. Clubbing is a fantastic idea to do so.

10. Clean your house floor for one hour.

These are easy ways to lose 300 calories. By using any of these simple methods to lose weight you can tone and maintain your body without even changing your daily routine.

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