10 Useful Kitchen Tips


useful kitchen tipsBeing a woman, it is mandatory for us to work in kitchen. Even if you are a working lady or a home maker you have to spend some hours in kitchen cooking for your family. Thus it gets really important to know some important kitchen tips that could make your cooking experience much easier. Now cook without any tension with these Useful Kitchen Tips. 


  1. If you are using a pot to boil something like pasta, peas or vegetables rub the edges of the pot with butter. This would not let the water flow out leaving messy stove.
  2. Dip the onions in ice cold water prior cutting them to avoid tears in your eyes while chopping. You can also put onion in freezer for 10-15 minutes before chopping.
  3. To cook potatoes with skin, add some vinegar while cooking so that the skin does not gets cracked.
  4. If you face problem to open any jar, try opening by it wearing rubber gloves. Rubber gloves will hold the perfect grip on them.
  5. Brush your chicken with lemon before adding salt to it while roasting. This will make it juicy and crispy.
  6. While mixing cornflower to soup, take half cup soup, let it cool and mix the cornflower in it and then when no lumps are there add it with the rest of the soup.
  7. For cleaning the microwave plate, rub lemon on it and then microwave it. All the stuck food will get cleared after washing it. Remember to let it cool and then rinse off.
  8. While boiling eggs, put one tablespoon salt in the water. This will make them peel off easily.
  9. Don’t store bananas with other fruits, bananas releases gases leaving other fruits with it ripe. Keep them at some different place.
  10. You can use toothpaste to clean silver utensils.

Hope these tips will be useful for you in the kitchen. Let us know if there are some more tips you have related to food and drinks.


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