4 Unique Ways To Propose


best ways to proposeProposing your loved one? This feeling is really different and incomparable. If you have met the girl of your dream and want to know the best ways to propose a girl then you are at correct place. You could make the moment a very special one if you know how to propose a girl.

Romantic Ways To Propose

Candle Light Dinner

This is the old and classical way to propose, yet the most romantic one. Take your beloved to a candle light dinner, arrange for some music, wine and propose by going down on your knees. This would flatter your partner.

The Treasure Hunt

Arranging a treasure hunt for your beloved is a great idea to propose. You can leave few clues related to one another which lead to the proposal ring. This will create excitement and anxiousness in your partner.

Proposal on Social Media

One of the new ways of proposing your beloved is to announce and propose on the social media, this can be facebook, orkut, radios etc. This will make your partner feel very special about the importance and openness of your relationship with each other.

Flying Banner Proposal

how to propose a girl

If your pocket allows you then opt for the flying banner proposal for your loved one. For this you can hire a banner company and fly a banner right in front of her window. Just imagine the happiness your girl will experience by getting a surprise proposal like this.

Every girl wants the most romantic and a filmy style proposal. Try out these unique ways to propose a girl and flatter her by using some of the most amazing ways to propose which she can remember forever.


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