5 Secrets Of Good Health


good healthWe all want to stay fit, who wouldn’t. Do you know there are 5 secrets of good health which if you practice you are less likely to fall ill. In this article we will share with you amazing health facts which we need to change in our day-to-day life for achieving a healthy living.

5 Secrets Of Good Health

These secrets would not make you compromise much but in return you can lead a healthy life with less illness and sickness. These health tips have a direct relation with your immune system and thus it improves your health.

Practice Yoga

It has been proved in researches that practicing yoga for only 15 minutes every day improves your immunity system thus it also increases the risk of heart diseases like blood pressure and sugar. Yoga gives your body stamina and strengthens the immune system.


Siting in office for long hours puts pressure on your back as well as increases the chances for obesity. Even if you have long working hours don’t forget to take breaks every 2 hours, and walk. You can do stretching or use a staircase instead of a lift.

Take A Cold Shower

cold shower

Cold shower has many benefits like rejuvenating your mood, improving blood circulation and mood, and improving your immune system. Get into a cold shower for at least 5 minutes when you feel exhausted after work.


Yogurt is considered to have multiple health benefits like lowing blood pressure, increasing immunity, decreasing cholesterol levels etc. There are good bacteria in yogurt which helps your body to built up immunity. It is advisable to intake one cup of yogurt daily in your meals.


Garlic is considered as the best source of anti-oxidants, it lowers blood pressure, it fights off staph infections etc. It has been proved in research that people who consume garlic on a regular basis are less ill by 50% as they were before having garlic in their regular meals. You can eat it raw , roasted or cooked with meals also.

By practicing and including these simple health tips in your daily life you can curb your sickness rate by half. It is really important that we start taking our health seriously even if we are fit. Hope these 5 secrets of good health will benefit you as it has others.


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