5 Things Guys Notice When You Get Naked


Things Guys Notice When You Get NakedThe thought that men will find flaws in her body when she gets undressed exists in every woman. Though men hardly notice any flaws in a woman’s body there are few things which men notice when you get naked.

It is said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, that’s true. Different men have different concepts of beauty but broadly there are some basic mindsets for men when it comes to scan a naked women. Let’s unveil the 5 things guys notice when you get naked.

5 Things Guys Notice When You Get Naked

Your Breasts

Obviously breasts are the first things any guy would notice when they see you naked.  Men have different fantasies about your breasts and they love a well toned, shaped and pointed breasts.

Body Scent

Every woman has her own distinctive natural body scent which is a great turn on for a man. Seeing a girl naked is a mesmerizing view for men and when they feel the soothing and attractive scent from your body they could connect you more emotionally as well. This scent is such tender that a guy cannot forget it.

Your Legs

Men have a tendency to notice women’s legs from meters away. They are crazy for well toned and maintained legs. Here legs don’t include feet. By the term legs I mean thighs. A girl may not know but men would know the exact shape of your thighs even when you are not undressed. So, unlike any other body parts, thighs deserve to be observed first, as they rank legs on no.1 for sex appeal.

Your Skin

what men notice when you are naked

Once you are naked, men will definitely notice your skin. They would feel your skin tone and texture and feel obsessed about it. The reason behind this is that men have rough and hard skin in common and  when they touch a soft, tender and textures skin they feel emotionally connected to you.

Body Marks

Last but not the least they will notice your body marks. These can be your birth marks, moles, warts, tattoos etc. Sometimes they may also ask silly questions about it, that does it hurt? how did you get it? etc. Guys seek a special connect when they observe and question about your private issues.

In the same list your body shape, genial areas, bums and arms are noticed after the top five things, as guys are little interested there.

These were the most common things which a guy notices when you get naked. Hope this article would help you know them and help in bringing and maintaining them so that you get noticed in an amazing way.


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