5 Tips For Ending A Relationship


ending a relaitionshipRelationships are supposed to add to the quality of your life, not take away from it. If you are done with putting every possible effort and are still unhappy in your relationship, you would, possibly, want to end it. The decision to end it should always be taken seriously and not done on a whim or when you are too angry or too hurt.

Well, here are few things that you should keep in mind while ending the relationship to do it in a mature way.

Be certain you want to end the relationship

Do not use the threat of leaving to get your own way in an argument. Discuss problems with your partner one on one before you make up your mind. Once decided, tell your partner that you need to talk. Do not declare the ‘break up’ in a public place or at a place where you both share some great memories. Do not let it out by telling some friend of his/her and talk to the partner directly.

Wait for the right time

Avoid ending the relationship during a heated argument or when you are high on emotions. Do so calmly to convey that you are serious about your decision. Avoid declaring the decision when your partner has something important coming up, like before an interview or a test he/she is going to sit for.

Support your partner when they react to it

If your partner reacts violently by yelling, keep your voice calm and explain the situation by saying that the ‘relationship’ is not working and not by listing his/her faults that made you take the decision. If your partner is not able to take the decision and starts sobbing, give them some time to absorb things. However, stick to the decision firmly. If you fear that he/she could take some extreme step or need emotional support right away, you could call some friend or relative and explain the situation and politely request him/her to stick around to support him/her.

argument in a relationship
Cut off all contacts with your partner immediately

Do not answer his/her phone calls, emails, text, posts etc. Do not be ‘available’ or try to be ‘friends’ again. Do not fall for ‘I will change’ promises. Any kind of ‘available’ gesture on your part might give some hope to the partner that you may not be able to fulfill.

Don’t regret your decisions

Believe in your decisions and don’t regret once you have made one. Always remember that you were not happy with that relationship and thus you wanted the both of you happy and separated.

These are the few things you should keep in mind while ending a relationship. these tips on how to end a relationship will definitely prove to be useful for you.


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