5 Tips to look gorgeous in monsoons


Monsoon’s here and definitely none of us wants to look dull, wet and sweaty. Rains generally smash away our hair shine, glow of the skin and washes away makeup which drives us crazy. Our hard attempts to take care of these problems go in vein. This season play with your looks because we have a lot to offer. Here are the most important ways which lead to the perfect look.


Cleansing, toning and moisturising are the three essentials that should be brought into routine during monsoons before applying makeup. Using oil based moisturisers are advised because during this season skin becomes chapped and dry. Always let your skin breath, apply light and waterproof makeup with a mild gloss and remember to use nude colours for the perfect look.

5 Tips to look gorgeous in monsoons

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Hair care

It is very important to keep your scalp clean and nourished during this season. Mark to oil your scalp every week preferably with olive oil, leave it for two to three hours and wash with lukewarm water. Wash your hair at least three times in a week. Never step in rains with oil in your scalp as it can cause irritation, dandruff and hair fall.

Clothing and accessories

This season wear colours like bright reds, oranges, different shades of green, yellows and blues. Remember monsoon is not the time to wear leathers or denims. Capris, short skirts, knee length dresses, Bermuda are things which you would love to get caught in.

You can add-on this attire with a stylish rubber slippers or sandals. Rexene made shoes can be a cool choice to make. Carrying vivid shaped colourful bags and purses would make a perfect match to your array. Gel this with a transparent raincoat or stylish umbrella, which would totally fit you into rains.

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Hydrate your body

Drinking lots and lots of water definitely benefits your skin and makes it look glossy and shiny while making it healthier. To get the bright skin, drink at least 8 – 10 glass of water every day, by doing this all the toxins of your body gets flushed away leaving the skin cleansed and nourished.

Follow a healthy diet

Consume fresh fruits and green vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, spinach, lettuce and more. This keeps you healthy and protects your skin from many problems. This seasonal change can sometimes bring in some health problems also. To have a proper digestion, follow a healthy diet, avoid consuming oily food.

These are a few amazing tips for monsoon which if you use can give flawless skin and the perfect trendy look which you always craved for. Using these tips say good bye to all your skin and beauty problems that come up during the rainy season.

Now looking gorgeous is at your ease.


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