6 Weight Loss Secrets


how to loose weightSeventy per cent of all the diseases occur due to the excess fats in the body. Overweight people are more likely to face health related problems than those who have kept themselves fit. Being fit and healthy is very important for all of us.

Our mind remains fresh only if our body is fresh. Also, today, in this competitive world, our outer appearance plays an important role. In every field, our personality matters a lot. There are many people around us who desperately want to lose weight but are not able to achieve this goal.

Here are few solutions to lose your excess weight. You may call them secrets for weight loss. First of all, leave this misunderstanding that skipping meals or eating less result in weight loss. Important thing is we cannot continue it for a long. It may instead cause weakness. Rather than that balancing your calories is helpful. Be careful about your day to day calories intake. Make sure you eat less oily food.

Regular exercise is very much helpful if we want to lose our weight. These days, many fitness centers are there. They are pretty helpful but only if we are consistent. If we perform few work-outs to lose weight and then discontinue exercising, it will have negative effect on our weight. Walking has proved to be the simplest & best exercise among all. It is always good to take walk two times a day. In the morning, it is good for health to inhale fresh air.

Here is one morning time work-out. In the morning, when you get up just sit without using your hands. Keep your legs straight. Do not bend in knees. Then slowly lean forward. Another morning exercise is Balance Booster. You can do it even while brushing your teeth. While brushing, try to stand on only one leg. Keep alternating your leg after some time. This helps you a lot in reducing weight. As it is said ‘walk when you talk’ you can follow it. Keep it your daily habit to walk as much possible even when at home.

exersice to lose weight

You should remain motivated in your aim of losing weight. Non-vegetarian food  contains lots of fats and calories. Daily intake of non-vegetarian food results in excess weight. Avoid eating too much. Go vegetarian to reduce weight. Potato is supposed to be high in fats but potato juice which is diet rich helps you lose weight. It substantially triggers hormones to weight loss.

One should do isometric exercises daily. You can also take suggestions from the fitness trainers. Intake of lemon is also useful. Lemon regulates body metabolism and sugar absorption which helps in inducing weight. You can take lemon in different forms like with water. You can also add pinch of salt.

You can change your eating habits. Eat four times a day but in less quantity. You should not eat more in a single sitting. See that you do not take heavy meals at a time. Eat fibrous breakfast such that you feel heavy and will eat for lunch. It also helps in reducing weight. Proper change in the eating timings and habits will certainly help you in reducing weight and being fit as well.

Early morning jogging on the ground is also helpful. Also there are few specific yoga postures which are very helpful. These are few secret tips for your healthy life but with this remember one thing that our body structure and weight depends on our body tendency.It is also hereditary. So never get tensed or panic if you are not able to reduce easily.

All you need to do is be patient and consistent with your exercise routine.


Post by- Anshu Mundada



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