How to attract girl – impress girl – behave with girls


Well behaving with the girl that you want to attract is as important as with people related to her.

Today in India the ratio between boys and girls is very unusual. Boys are in a greater number than those of girls. So the scene in the society is really dangerous. Many boys are still searching their partner. So guys should learn the art of attracting a girl.

Boys should read on from a girl’s perspective. Not all the girls are same. Everybody’s likes are different. So first try to find out the interests of the girl you are looking for. Then try to be like the one she is dreaming of. But remember do not change yourself entirely. Do not lose your identity to get her. Be yourself. Be a man. Small positive changes are though acceptable and needed too.

Be nice to all. This is a common thing most of the girls want in their man. Always be there to help others. Be there when somebody needs you. And make sure she is watching you help others or you behaving nicely with others. But do this all in a very natural way. Do not overreact. Do not show off anything. It looks funny always.

Girls like boys having a good personality and an ideal tall-dark-handsome type of a guy just like the filmy heroes. Try to build a good personality. You may try going to yoga centres or gym may be. Build up your body. Also your dressing style should be attractive enough. Dress neatly. Girls love the trendy clothes specially the branded ones. Wear whatever suits you. She will not like you in a very funky dressing. She will rather laugh at you. If you can find out her choice then you may dress up accordingly like what she likes formal wear or casuals.

Another important aspect is you should always smell good. No body odour should come from your body any time. Use a good quality body spray or perfume. You may use tropical scents. Girls usually love good smelled guys. Hair style is also important. It makes a lot difference into your looks. Go to any famous hair dresser and make hair cut best suited to your face and body language. Hair should be well maintained also. It should not have dandruff. Fallen dandruff on your t-shirt or shirt may put bad impression. You should also be clean shaved unless and until the front girl loves little beard.

Girls always need attention. They like it if guys (specially the handsome guys) approach and try to talk to them. A girl likes if any good looking guy keeps looking at her very often. Moreover as all know girls love being praised. So whenever you get chance praise the girl in a decent way. And remember one thing never praise other girls before any girl. No any girl in the world can bear this. Even though she knows that some other girl looks better than her or is more intelligent than her she can never handle her praise. Somewhere in her heart she feels jealous and insulted too. Remember you should praise her only if you want to attract her.

If you are going to talk to any girl then go with full confidence and even talk confidently. Keep a smile on your face. Tell her that whenever she will need you will always be there for her and her family also. Tell her you will take care of her parents as well. And do not just go on talking. Listen to her also though you find it boring. You should show interest if she is sharing something with you. Whenever you are together have fun. You can be little flirty. But do not try very hard. Girls can sense it very easily. Give her some time to think. Do such things decently that she will automatically get attracted towards you.

Be a macho man. If possible touch her gently. Girls love gentle touch. You can be little straight forward. When you are alone indirectly you can tell her about your status, future plans, family etc. Have a good sense of humor. Be little naughty. Take her for shopping. She will love it. Do not be afraid of asking her anything or proposing may be. She may say yes/no. But be confident and she will be yours!!!!


– Anshu Mundada

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