How To Avoid Most Common Dating Traps


Avoid Most Common Dating TrapsHow to avoid most common dating traps is one of the most important questions which we often ask ourselves and our friends.

Dating is something most of the people dream of, especially the teens. But it needs to be handled skilfully. It is not as easy as it looks.

All of us always try to manage our interaction with the others in such a way that we will not be neglected or avoided or you may say rejected. Rejection is always painful. We need to try hard to make any kind of relationship last. We are likely to fall into one or more of the following common dating traps

1. Need to put our best

2. Forget to evaluate the front person

3. Fail to set limits

If we just try to be our best of for the impression thing, it is not a practical thing. It is only manageable till first 2 to 3 meetings or dates. At the end we do not feel comfortable because we lose ourselves by doing so which should not happen. Only outer appearance is not supposed to be our beauty. What kind of a person we are from inside is also equally important. So do not just try to be the ideal one. Express yourself. Reveal your own personality. This is the best way out from falling into some dating trap.

When we need something to work, it is actually easy to get caught up with how the other person is evaluating that we forget to evaluate them. Generally people fail to see the bigger picture behind. Evaluate people on the basis of  their behaviors, nature and not their looks. Some beautiful people might not be good to heart.

One common mistake mostly made is the failure in settling your limits at the beginning. Limits related to all the aspects. We should be 100% clear about everything from the beginning itself. You should learn to say ‘NO’ sometimes. Make sure you are always equally respected. If we respect ourselves only then we will get respect. It is human nature for men as well as women to test the other person.

Always expect higher. Lesser you expect less you will get. Sometimes you are already prepared to get less. You settle for less because you think you will either get this or nothing; which is not right. Just because you can hang out together, have fun together, enjoy things together does not mean you can prove to be good partners as well. Life is different than all this. Expecting life to be like a fairy tale results in disappointment. It is nothing but foolishness. Like the frog appearing in front of you does not turn to be the beautiful princess.

So, just by being a bit careful in some decisions you can make sure that you won’t fall in any dating trap and then you are sure you will find a better partner for life.


Post by- Anshu Mundada.

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