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free travel appsWe have put together the best free travel apps for i-phone, blackberry and android phones. These apps are must have’s apps while traveling out of station or country. They help you to locate your hotels, latest deals in town, mapping and tracking, buying cheapest travel tickets and much more.

There are many travel apps which can enhance your travel experience and here are some of them.

The 6 Best Travel Apps

Google Translate

This app translates 64 languages around the world. This is an absolutely free app for i-phone, blackberry and android phones. You can also use this on windows based phones for no charge. This also has an audio translation facility which is around 99% accurate. We would say that, this is a must have app for all phones while travelling.

Journey Pro

This app directs you to your station to destination from time to time. You also have a facility to feed the stations of start and end of the journey for accurate and detailed itinerary.


This app helps you to find out the cheapest flights and travel details for the date of your travel. You just need to feed your travel date and you will get the cheapest flights in just minutes.


Get Yelp free version for your android and i-phone version and know the latest reviews of the hotels, restaurants, cafes and much more for the major world’s metropolitan cities and areas.

XE Currency

This is the best app for i-phones and android phones which shows the current currency exchange rates around the world. This app also has a live calculator so that you can calculate, how much even a small spend costed you. This wonderful app is the best resort for people frequently travelling to different countries.

Hotel Tonight

This wonderful app gives three deals every noon and every day. This app shoes deals that lasts only for a day and is available at London, US, Canada, but this app is soon going to spread in the British cities.

Hope these best free travel apps will be helpful for you and easy your travel providing you the best travel experience.


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