Common Risks For Single Parent Dating


single parent datingDating is a very interesting part of our life, but do you know what are the common risks for single parent dating?

You enjoy dating so much only if this is the first time for you both. Yes it is true. If you and your partner are in a relationship for the first time then it is absolutely enjoyable. But what if anyone of you or may be both of you are experiencing this for the second time. Have you ever thought on this???

Imagine anyone from you has a child already and is a single parent. There can be many different situations. Like, if you are a single mother or father. May be the one you are dating is a single mother or father. Or the situation can be like you both are a single parent.

Things become easier if both of you are single parents because you two can understand each other’s feelings. Both of you had gone through the same pain. But again the problem arises as it comes to their kids. Everybody is possessive for his own kids. It becomes little difficult to accept  the other person’s child. To give him as much love and care as you do for your kid. Kids are the weak point of all. Maximum chances of problems are here between the two.

Generally women are very sensitive than that of men. So if you are single or may be a single father and going to date a single mother then you need to be patient. She will cry very quickly and may be very often. You may get irritated fast.

One more risk in single parent dating is that the relationship will take quality time to blossom. This is being the second time for them. So they may not open up very fast as they might have done at their first time. They cannot reveal themselves easily. And being intimate is a very sensitive and difficult moment for them. They cannot easily accept the second person in their life. Here if the other person does not understand his/her feelings then the things can be worsen. Relationship may lead to misunderstandings ultimately ending the relationship.

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One more risk is at the time of dating the topic of their future kids may arrive. If they start talking about both of their kids then the single parent can feel insecure about his/her child from  his/her first relationship. If their insecurity reaches the highest level then he/she may rethink on this relationship for the sake of his/her child.

Single parent dating will require a long time to turn into a relationship. Lots of patience is required here. Whoever may be the single parent in the two is more likely to remember his/her past. He/she may start comparing between her previous partner and the current one. His/her current partner will probably hate this comparison but it will happen undoubtedly. In this way comparison is the most expected risk here in single parent dating.

Being a single parent is a tough and challenging task. And dating a single parent is even tougher. You should be patient, sensitive, caring and understanding for that. But it is not impossible. Nothing is impossible because impossible itself says I M Possible. So go ahead in life always. Do not look back. End of any one relationship does not mean the end of your life. You should give yourself a second chance.

Wish your luck!!!


Post by- Anshu Mundada

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