Cracker snack


cracker snackCrackers are all time favorite snack loved by all ages. It is also a good option if you are running out of time and hunger cant wait. Last evening when I wanted to make some tea time snack. I went to the kitchen and searched for ingredients. All I got was crackers, home made farm fresh cheese, onions, coriander and mayonnaise.

It was such an easy to make and easy to eat snack. It hardly took me 5 minutes to make this delicious and easy snack with 5 ingredients . A cracker with dollop of mayonnaise topped with various flavors.

This is also a perfect party snack as it saves all the hassles like prep work and cleaning afterwords. So lets see this easy recipe of cracker snack with just 5 ingredients.

What you need-



Cheese( i used home made garlic and pepper cheese)

Chopped onion



The best thing about this recipe is that you cant go wrong with this. All you need to do id to assemble all the ingredients.


Place the cracker on a plate and top it with mayonnaise.

cracker snack

Now add cheese, chopped onions and finally garnish it with coriander.

cracker snack


That’s it. You are all set. Place the crackers on your serving dish and enjoy!!! You can experiment with ingredients and adapt this recipe that suits your taste.

Post by- Ishita

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