Creamy Melon Soda


creamy melon sodaAre you fond of making easy mocktails at home? Creamy melon soda  is the recipe which you can definitely count upon. Melon is a great flavor to drink or eat but it tastes even better when comes in a combo with soda. So let’s see how to make the easy recipe of creamy melon soda.

How To Make Easy Melon Soda


100 ml soda

15 ml rose water

100 ml fresh melon juice

30 ml fresh cream

Crushed ice

How To Make

Take a glass and fill it half  with ice and add soda on ice. Pour watermelon juice on the soda  ice.

Now add rose water in the glass  and finally pour the cream on the top of juice for garnishing.

You can use some sliced melons to garnish and your fantastic creamy melon soda is ready to drink and serve.


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