Decision Making – A secret of Success


When I was a child my grandmother used to tell me a story of a thirsty crow, having nothing but a pot with few droplets of water to quench his thirst. It would have killed him, but then he made a decision to throw some stones into the pot which eventually raised the level of water.

This story might sound childish but has a clear message within it. What if at the brink he couldn’t make up his mind? What if he had decided against it? There was a possibility that the decision would have backfired, the stones he threw into the pot could have absorbed the drops and his thirst unquenched. But the best thing that the crow did was assessing the whole situation making a brave decision and finally sticking to it.

Same goes with human life. People always have an unquenchable thirst of success. A pot with a few tremendous opportunities awaits them. All they need to do is to make up their mind, throw some stones of hard work and dedication into it and the desired result.

What separates leaders from losers? Leaders make all the necessary decisions and back them with full commitment while losers sit back and let others decide their fortune. They just gather baseless thoughts and when time comes to deliver final decision they just show their back.

Despite of being fully aware of the necessity of decision making losers are just shy. They always have their set of worries, doubts and inner conflicts. On being asked they always try to make their way saying “we find it more comforting when there is no rush of blood due to the burden of failure”.

On the other hand, leaders tend to know the uncertainty in decision making. It’s not possible to predict success but they know that the failure will pass by, it’s another learning experience, and they always seek knowledge from their own failures, in process become wiser. Leaders always have some unique strategies as a backup for poor decisions.

If we try to find people which were actually affected by their decision making skills the number that we’ll get will equal the earth’s population because there’s no one on earth who doesn’t have to make any decision in his life. Now if we talk about successful people then the count will be proportional to the number of strong decisions made.

We have so many examples of common people making it big just because of their decision making skills and right implementations of those decisions. Whether it was Dhirubhai Ambani’s decision to take his company public or M.S.Dhoni’s decision to take off his goalkeeper gloves and to hold a cricket bat, brave decisions have always paid off.

So one should just learn to make up his mind, trust his instincts not hunches because hunches are wild and instincts are based on facts. And finally he should check all the decisions on his own ethical scale.  Combining all this with hard work and dedication a true recipe of success can be made.


Post by- Seetesh

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  1. Susheel Pandey on

    Hey well written article I guess thats a nice way to make a decision and ya not to forget the class of examples taken for explaining the decision making are awesome …….well done writer -seetesh ….waiting for yr next article

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