DIY- Diwali Decorations- Floating Rangoli


floating rangoliAs per the Indian tradition one of the traditional ways to decorate your house on Diwali is to make beautiful rangolis. A Rangoli is a decorative art form which is made on the floors of the entrance, living rooms, and balconies.

What do you get when you experiment with traditions? You get a beautiful form of rangoli which is floating rangoli. A floating rangoli is a beautiful mix of floating diya, floating flowers, beads and vivid shapes.

You can create different shapes, designs and go creative in making your home made floating rangoli.

How to make a Floating Rangoli

Material Required

OHP sheet( transparent plastic sheet)



Kundan and Beads


Glitter glue( golden or silver)

Glass colors

How To Proceed

floating rangoli designs

Draw a symmetric design which you want your rangoli to be in. Cut out the extra plastic paper.

Make the outline neatly while using your glitter glue tube and let it dry. Once it dries completely fill in the colors you want your rangoli to be in.

Now with the help of glue and your imagination start pasting the kundan and beads in decorative and attractive manner.

Finally make a neat and tidy outline with the matching glitter.

Here is your DIY- Diwali Decorations- Floating Rangoli ready. You can decorate your living room, bed room and the place where you do pooja with these elegant looking floating rangolis.


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