DIY Hair Bun


DIY hair buns are classic and evergreen choice of easy hairstyles for every girl. When you are running out of time, you usually neglect your hairstyle and wonder if you had a simple and quick hair do for your hair. In this article we will show the most simple and quick DIY hair bun.

How To Do A Hair Bun

easy hair bun DIY

Take a broad band and tie your hair neat on the top of your head( as shown in the picture).  Now evenly make a fountain with your hair and tie them with a thin rubber band. See step 3 and 4. Remember not to tie this too tight, your bun should be free and loose.

Now divide the remaining hair into two sections and cover the rubber band rotating them. This could be done roughly and if you want you can also leave some flicks around. This bun looks nice if messy.

At the end tuck in the remaining tail of your hair with bobby pins and decorate your hairstyle with some hair pins or accessories if you want.

Your easy DIY bun is ready and you are good to go.

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