DIY Leather Bracelet


DIY leather braceletWho says style cannot be created? Style can be well created by using your creativity and imaginations. We bring for you DIY leather bracelet which can go with a cool pair of jeans and a t-shirt. This casual leather accessory is easy to make and pocket friendly.

Let’s see how to make this simple yet stylish leather bracelet.

For making this beautiful leather hand accessory you need-

A Scissors

A piece of leather approx 22 cm*10 cm

A Thread

Leather glue( You can also use fevi quick)

A snap button

How To Make

diy leather accessories

Step 1

Cut the leather piece in a oval shape considering your wrist size.

Step 2

Form the shape of a bow holding it from the center and tie it with the thread. Keep in mind that you divide it in equal halves.

Step 3

Cut a small leather strap to cover the thread and stick it with the glue.

Step 4

Now as the last step sew the button on the edges of each side of your bracelet.

Your beautiful leather bracelet is ready. You can gift this to your friends as a Christmas gift or wear it yourself.


Post by- Ishita

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