DIY Paper Cut Lamp


Paper art is loved by many and when it comes to designing and making your own paper art work it feels amazing as well. In this article I will show you how to make a DIY paper cut lamp. This DIY paper cut lamp is extremely easy and anybody , even a 6 year old ca  make this.

diy paper lamps

Lets see what you need to make this amazing and simple paper art. You need – A  paper cutter, scale, glue, scissors, bulb holder , led bulb and drawing paper.

How To Make Paper Cut Lamp

Cut the paper in a square shape, I have taken a yellow thick crafts paper. You can also take 2-3 colors at a time. This looks like a modern 3D sculpture and attracts everyone.

Now start drawing triangles of different sizes and cut them. Remember not to leave more than 1 inch space in between two triangles. You will get the large ones easily and work little hard on the small triangles. But don’t worry. You will enjoy doing this as I did.

Now with form a cone shape with the paper leaving 2 inch top open to fit your holder. Stick the paper with glue in a cone shape and leave it to dry for 2 hours.

Attach the bulb and the holder to your paper cut lamp and you are all set to use it on any wall to make it look more beautiful. Wasn’t this DIY paper cut lamp easy to make?

Enjoy decorating your house by your own by making this beautiful paper cut lamp!!!


Post by- Ishita

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