DIY- Paper Quilled Earrings


DIY paper quilled earringsDIY- Paper quilled earrings are the most fashionable earrings in today’s time. These hot selling items are also easy to make on your own. Lets see how you can make these easy crafts paper earrings and make your own style statement.

Tutorial For DIY Paper Earrings

What You Will Need-

Quilling paper or you can cut out your own paper


Needle tool

Earrings attachments

How To Make Earrings

Stick some glue on the edge of quilled paper and with the help of the needle tool, start rolling the quilled paper into different size circles. Once you get the desired width of your circle stop by sticking the other end of the circle with glue.

Carefully take out the circle formed and let it stick completely. Similarly create your other circles and one big circle for the outer of your earring.

Once all circles are completely dried start sticking them to each other in the desired shape and order. Now you can attach the erring attachments and your DIY paper quilled earring is ready.

Wasn’t these DIY earrings fun and easy to make. You can learn this paper craft and art very easily and without spending thousands of bucks on the art classes. Learn to make earrings for yourself now…

Here are some more designs for DIY Paper earrings which can be made similarly and which look stunning.

easy paper earrings designs


paper earrings

easy paper earrings

paper quilled earringsEnjoy this Tutorial For DIY Paper Earrings!!!


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