DIY Woven Chain Bracelet


DIY woven chain braceletWoven bracelet is another style statement that you can carry. This is a must have accessory in your wardrobe.You can make this beautiful and peppy woven chain bracelet following some easy steps. Let’s see how to make DIY woven chain bracelet.


What You Will Need

Embroidery strings of different colors



Chain bracelet

Bobby pins

Steps To Make Woven Chain Bracelet

woven bracelet

Step 1

Cut 2 sets of the threads four times the length of the bracelet and stick their head on a fixed base with a tape. This is because the strings do not move.

Step 2

Now Sandwich the threads with two different bobby pins so that you don’t loose a single thread while weaving.This is also an easy way of weaving.

Step 3

Now its time to start weaving. Weave the first thread starting from the bottom of the first link, folding to the outer side. This should be done on a single side of the bracelet.

Step 4

Continue the weaving from bottom of the bracelet to the upper side with the second thread. Continue the process taking one by one each threads, until complete.

Step 5

Finish the weaving with a fine and smooth finishing and seal the ends.

Your smashing and attractive DIY bracelet is ready. This is a perfect friendships day or a Christmas gift you can gift to your dear ones.

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