Easy DIY Nail Art


Are you looking forward to glam up your nails for the new year’s eve? This is the best nail art you could put on and be stylish. This is easy to do and pocket friendly nail art. I will tell you some easy steps to do this easy nail art.

What You Need

Nail polish( any color)

Transparent coat nail polish


Golden/ Silver aluminium foil.

Easy 4 Step Nail Art

Step 1

Color your nails with a bright color nail polish. Let it dry completely.

nail artStep 2

Once it dries brush some glue on your nails. You don’t need to be perfect in doing so.

Step 3

Cut small pieces of golden or silver aluminium foil. Once your glue becomes semi dry and transparent, stick these small pieces of foil on it.

beautiful nail artStep 4

Press the foil a little and remove it from your nails. Apply the transparent coat nail polish for a great finish.

easy nail art

Your stylish and amazing looking nail art is ready. You can carry this look with any attire. It looks great on a wedding occasion, a party season or on a date.

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