Easy Donut Hair Bun


donut hair bunDo you want to make an easy donut hair bun and don’t have enough time to go to a hair salon? Don’t worry, in this tutorial we will show you how to make a donut bun using a sock at home. This bun looks fantastic on every dress and style. This also gives you amazing curls when you take the bun off.

So enjoy this tutorial as you can get to know 2 beautiful and easy hair do’s at one go…

Tie your hair at what ever height you want to tie. You can also do a side tie. Spry water on your hair so that they don’t fall apart. Take the sock bun and start rolling the ends of your hair in an inward out direction. Keep repeating the process by folding your hair inside until you get a super fine donut bun.



You can watch the video for the detailed process.


You will have to practice for it a few times to be perfect in it. You will get amazing curls without heat once you unroll this donut bun.

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