Easy Makeup And Skin Care Tips


Easy Makeup And Skin Care TipsIts party season and we cannot ignore applying makeup to look gorgeous, though we can learn some easy makeup and skin care tips to look beautiful on this new year’s eve.

There are some misunderstandings about applying makeup and skin care that all these beauty products may harm our skin, which is not true. In fact if proper care and attention is given about how to take care of your skin then you may have a better wrinkle free radiant skin type. Here are the best makeup and skin care tips.

4 Top Makeup And Skin Care Tips

Moisturize Your Face And Body

Bathing, soaps and face washes take away all the moisture away from your skin and face. It is really important to moisturize then properly at least twice a day. Select a good quality moisturizer and a body lotion matching to your skin type. There are ample options available in the market these days to select from.

This is a great anti aging remedy which makes your skin look younger.

How To Apply Foundation

The first step to start any makeup is to apply foundation. It is advised to apply foundation on freshly cleansed skin. This will open the closed pores, make your skin look lighter and fairer and also get rid of some sun burn caused. Never apply other makeup directly without a good quality foundation.

4 Top Makeup And Skin Care Tips

Focus On Your Eyes

Eye makeup plays a very important role when it comes to attractive makeup. IT is really important to select the makeup colors intelligently and according to your skin color. Brown and golden look perfect on dark complexions and colors like pink, red and blue looks good on lighter skin tones.

Always have a test makeup when applying on eyes and then go for it if it looks good.

Eat Healthy And Use Concealer

In order to get a healthy and flawless skin you must eat healthy. A nutritious, healthy and balanced diet full of green leafy vegetables, fruits and pluses will make your skin look younger and beautiful. Minor imperfections like pimples, dark circles, black spots and blemishes can be hided using a concealer. A concealer should be matching to your skin tone and should be blended properly.

These were the 4 best makeup and skin care tips to make your skin look beautiful and radiant.

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