Easy Nail Art Designs At Home For Beginners


Qikkwit presents beginners easy Nail Art Designs which can be easily done at home. Trendy nail art has been a craze among women for quite some time. Whether it is a simple yet chic French nail or a funky look that you want to wear for a party, nail art is always in. Though, you can get the look anytime at the salon, experimenting with the colours at home can be real fun and who knows you might soon end up as an expert! Here are some basic nail art ideas that you could try at home and get the look without spending that pretty penny.

French nail: To get this look, you would need a transparent polish, a cello tape, a soft pink nail paint and a white nail paint. Start with applying the base coat of the pink colour. After it dries up well, cover the lower portion of the nail, leaving the tips, with the cello tape. Apply the white nail paint on the tips and after it dries up, remove the tape and give your nails the final touch by applying the transparent nail polish.

Water colour nails: Apply white nail paint for the base. Once dry, put two coats of top coat. Put few 2-3 tiny drops of your desired colour and using a brush, dipped in acetone, dab on the drops and thinly spread the colour on the nails. Repeat with more colours of your choice. After it dries out, finish with top coat.

Beaded nails: Beaded nails have been the latest trend for a fashionable look. For this look, you could get nail beads available in the market in various shapes, sizes and colours. Apply the base coat of colour of your choice and once it’s dry, stick the beads to make whichever pattern you want. Once done, cover it with a transparent nail polish to prevent the beads from falling off.

Sparking nails: Up for a party! Sparkling nails could add oomph to your look. All you need is some silver or coloured glitter to go well with base colour that you have chosen. Apply the base coat. Sprinkle the glitter on the nails while the base is wet. After it dries up, finish with a transparent polish.


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