Easy Ways To Lose Weight With Daily Routine


loose weight fastDo you feel that you have put on weight in recent times? Are you throwing your old jeans just because they don’t fit you now? Is your belly started to show from your tees or shirts? If yes, then this article is especially for you.

When you start consuming more calories than you can actually burn per day, this is the situation where you start putting on weight in the form of body fats.

Many are not even aware of this because of the busy routine and schedule but in the long term this situation can lead to several health problems also.

In this article we will tell you some easy ways to be in shape again without following vigorous diet plans and exercises, which are in your daily routine.

Brisk walking

Walking is considered to be the best way to burn calories. Brisk walking can burn nearly 7 -8 % calories per minute and so you can burn around 300 calories per day by just involving morning or evening walk into your daily routine.


Choose stairs instead of a lift

One of the best ways to lose weight is avoid lifts and opt for stairs whenever possible. You can lose around 250 calories by just walking stairs for half an hour daily.

(Note- Heart patients should take doctor’s suggestion before practicing this)


Do yoga

Yoga is also considered to be one good method for weight loss. You can indulge into some power yoga which would help your body burn around 200 calories per hour. If your body does not allow you to do much exercise, then you can opt for some simple yoga like deep breathing, pranayama etc. By practicing yoga you can achieve good results.

loose weight with yoga


Mind your liquid consumption

Most of us cannot have food without alcohols or soda drinks, many people also have juices to complement with food. Make it a point to drink only water in-between or with meals. If you drink a glass of water 10 minutes before your meal and a glass during half of your meal then off course you will eat less because your stomach is filled with water instead of food then. This will cause a loss in weight. Remember to have a proper diet enriched with green leaves, curd, pulses etc. so that the less intake of food does not affect your health.

Incorporate these easy steps to lose weight into your daily routine and you will see the results for yourself.


Post by- Ishita

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