How to Find the Love of Your Life


How to Find the Love of Your Life

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When you meet someone new, it’s easy for the mind to take a giant leap where tempting vision of happily ever after turns your brains to mush, but before you go to the irretrievable level of a relationship you must consider the aspects that could make or break the deal. In the real world it’s better to be practical then to be heartbroken. This also means that you are ready to make a long term commitment which you will not regret afterwards. There is a little list of a few points that should be considered and taken care of.

It’s very important for you to make a list of what you want form your partner and what not. It’s extremely important to be sorted by your previous relations, then it can be any one like your ex or family or any other. For example: If you have seen your father and want a partner just like him, then short list these qualities of him in your points. This would not confuse you by letting not lose focus from the list.

The second point I would say is to decide the level of expectations. It’s very important to let your partner know about the level of expectations that you have from him, and know the same from his side also. Remember it’s natural to have a certain level of expectations but to expect everything is also not correct. Specially women have a huge list of them and always wonder to fulfill them, though this is not possible, everything should have a limit. Most important part is that in every stable relationship the needs should be communicated not implemented.

When the couples are too much into love, they are advised to have a pre marriage counselling and are gives a reality check exercise, this may also work with arrange marriages.

Don’t hesitate to consult some counselors; it may help you find out a way out. Make a check list of what are you expecting out of a relationship. When you are considering a relationship, have a clear list of priorities in mind. Find out that is it a working relationship for you? What are the qualities that you are looking in for your partner? Is it a working relationship for you and many more such kind of questions?

how to find the love of your life

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Beauty is always overrated, we find out what the package is? What brands does he or she wears? Which restraint do they go? What car he has? These are all superficial matters that are always given importance and that create problems in long run. The ideal thing to choose a partner is to spend time with him, understand that are you gelling together, is he understanding your point of views or no, do you have communication gap some times? And know what you are getting into.

In this matter the old saying really works: “you don’t marry a man, you marry the whole family”. Before marriage you are in the aura of your parents, you follow their thoughts and beliefs. This is also true that no two families are same. The most important aspect to select a guy or girl is to assess your partner’s family background. See to it that to you get along with them also or no? By doing this you may know about the behavior of your partner in social circles and the most important part that to fit in to their status or culture or no.

It’s said that your choice reflects your self esteem. If you are clear with the realistic parameters that you have set for your partner, the relationship will hold more strong then what you have ever thought of. With the give and take in a relationship you can make sure that your partner respects and values relationships as much as you do.


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