Google : Revolutionary Access To Information

Invention of Google has revolutionized accessing information across all the fields universally. It answers any question in seconds. With use of any device which can run browser and connect to internet you get access to unlimited and ranked information from all over the world. Google, a multitudinous search engine was founded by two Stanford students Larry Page and Sergey Brin in the year 1996. The project was highly appreciated and with an intention “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. Google also provides searching for videos, images, places, books, blogs, maps and much more. 

It not only allows you to find any information in the world posted on internet but also ranks it according to content quality, popularity of website, keywords and your preferences. Google searches for information through its crawlers and orders it for you.

A decade before, we had to go through the libraries, newspapers and seek experts advise just to find answer to a particular question, but now if we search a question on Google we get almost millions of answers in a fraction of second. Finding information and gaining knowledge was never this easy before. Any thins you want to know is just a click away now.

Finding useful and relevant information within no time is nothing but miracle. Now a days Googling is common in housewives for recipes, students for assignments, businessmen for stocks and news, scientists for research papers, photographers for photos, software engineers for code, travelers for maps and a lot more. Google has incorporated each and every possible knowledge or information that one could need right from morning to dawn. Google has become the best knowledge sharing platform with millions of users worldwide and sharing our wisdom, views, interests through blogs, videos, snaps , catalogues, social networking , books we can surely say that the face of knowledge is now very much recognizable as Google. 

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