Higgs Boson – Higgs Field – The GOD Particle – Explained


Experiment of Higgs Boson at CERN discovered The GOD Particle as well as proved that Higgs field exists which is basis of why some particle have mass while others are mass less. World most expensive and complex lab built at CERN  and research of physicists all over the world for 40 years to them to prove that the GOD particle exists.For decades scientists had no way to discover whether Higgs bosons actually existed in nature either, because they would be very difficult to produce, and would break apart in about a ten-sextillionth (10-22) of a second.

An atom which was supposed be the elementary particle is now proven as composite particle as mentioned below.  It is complex hierarchy of various elementary as well as composite particles. Fundamental particles do not have own mass but only have energy. Higgs field interacts with them to give mass to these elementary particles. Higgs field is present everywhere and it breaks symmetry of elementary particles.

The proof of currently found Higgs boson also proves that Higgs field exists.

What exactly is a field?

A field is something that

  1. Present everywhere in space and time,
  2. can be, on average, zero or not zero
  3. can have waves in it.
  4. If field is a quantum field then it’s waves are made from particles.

What exactly is a particle?

quantum field’s waves cannot be of arbitrary intensity; they can’t be arbitrarily `dim’, or `quiet’. The least-intense possible wave that a field can have is called a “quantum” or a “particle”. It often behave in rough accordance with your intuitive notion of “particle”, moving in a straight line and bouncing indivisibly off of things, etc., which is why we give it that name.

Particles are of two types:

1. Matter particle (Fermions) Fermions can not make a laser beam as two fermions (of the same particle type) are forbidden from doing the same exact thing  An example of a fermion is an electron. Because an electron is a fermion, two electrons cannot orbit an atom in exactly the same way.

    • Hadron
      • Baryon
        • Proton
          • 2 up and one down quark
        • Neutron
          • 1 up and 2 down quark
      • Lepton
        • Electron
          • 1 up and 1 down quark
        • Muon
        • Tau

2. Force Particle (Bosons) : An example of a boson is a photon.  Two or more bosons (if they are of the same particle type) are allowed to do the same exact thing. For example, a laser is a machine for making large numbers of photons do exactly the same thing, giving a very bright light with a very precise color heading in a very definite direction. All the photons in that beam are in lockstep.

  • Gauge Boson
    • Photons
    • W & Z Bosons
    • Gluons
  • Higgs Boson (GOD Particle)

Force particle do not have mass and just have energy and it meditates communication between matter particles. Force particle when communicate with Higgs field creates matter particle.




Why is Higgs Field so special?

Higgs field as average non zero value throughout universe which is unlike other fields hence it gives mass to other particles. As we are not able to find Higgs field we tried to find Higs Boson which indirectly proves Higgs field.


What is elementary particle?

Its a particle which can’t be broken apart into any more elementary pieces using the technology we have now.

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