Home remedies for back pain – sore back hurts – back problems


Sore or hurt back causes a lot of pain but to heal it easy home remedies are available. This Qikkwit is all about back pain home remedies which will solve your back problems.

Life is very fast these days. All are just running the whole day. In today’s world everybody’s job is in a sitting position mostly. People are sitting for 7-9 hours before laptop in the office and at home also. So no wonder if almost 75% or may be more than that people are suffering due to back pain. Women may face this problem during pregnancy or may be after delivery.

Many people go for antibiotics when it pains a lot and it becomes unbearable for them. They simply prefer taking one pain killer for instant relief. But this is not the efficient way for it. They have their side effects which you will realize later. Back pain is like you can never cure it 100%. It may arise in between. Try simple home remedies and keep back pain away from you. Exercise is the only efficient way to keep back pain away. Doctors or physicians will suggest you the proper exercises helpful for back pain. For the first few days do the exercises before your doctor under his watch. Make sure you are doing them in the very proper way. Exercising in a wrong way may lead to some other problems. So do it with the doctors only till you expertise in it. Also you should be consistent. You should exercise regularly without fail.

Doing yoga is also a very helpful home remedy for back pain. You can try doing various yoga postures. Use specific yoga mattress to perform yoga if possible. You can also use a plywood sheet. If you have back pain then you should not sleep on a very soft bed. Instead try sleeping on a tough base like a thin plywood sheet. In the beginning you will find it difficult but you should try.



A good massage is also suggested. You are lucky if you have somebody like your spouse or may be any friend who can give you a good back massage. You feel much relieved after the massage. Some people even try water beds at home. But its results are not yet clear. Getting sufficient peaceful sleep or rest is also a must. You can try lying on one side with the knee fixed and a pillow between. If you are lying on your back, place the pillow under your knees. You should relax for some time after a stressful day. Learn a relaxation technique such as meditation, deep breathing such as closing your eyes, breathing slowly and deeply and counting backward from 100 in a reverse manner.

Chamomile tea is good for relieving back pain. You can easily prepare it at home. It is easy to make. Steep I table spoon Chamomile flowers in 1 cup of boiling water for around 15-20 minutes. And it is ready for you to drink. If you feel back strain you can apply ice packs immediately for temporary relief. When your back aches, take ginger slices and place in a bowl filled with boiling water for 30 minutes. Cool it and drink. You may add honey for sweet taste. You need sufficient calcium intake to keep yourself away from back pain. Women specially need it very much. So drinking milk 2-3 glasses a day is suggested. Eggs also supply good amount of calcium.



Remember if you are overweight then the very first thing you will have to do is reduce your excess weight so that your back will not have to bear extra pressure. Drink a glass of warm water with a table spoon of honey. Do not sit in the same position for a longer time. Keep changing position frequently. Sit erect always. Do not stoop. A poor posture will worsen your back pain. Lie down and ask someone to press the left foot finger adjacent to the thumb. It will pain when pressed. That is called acupressure technique. You can press back pain points twice/thrice a day. It will help you reduce the pain. Those were few best home remedies for back pain. Try them.

– Anshu Mundada

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