Homonyms List – Commonly Confusing Words


We will look at homonyms list which are commonly confusing words in English language which sound similar but are different in meaning. Have you ever been in a situation where you have said the wrong word? If yes, then here are the 20 commonly confusing words in English. Some of the words sound similar some are written similar but the key to perfect English is to recognize and correct them.

15 Homonyms -Commonly confusing words.

Word 1 Meaning Word 2 Meaning
Adverse Harmful Averse Strong disliking
Accept Agree to something Except Leave something
Along Moving horizontally A Long Very lengthy
Altogether As a whole All Together All at one place
Aural Relating to ears or hearing Oral Speaking
Bare Naked, Uncovered Bear To carry up to
Brake To stop a vehicle Break Separate into pieces
Serial Entertainment series Cereal Edible grains
Desert Waterless area Dessert Sweet offered after meals
Elicit Reaction Illicit Not allowed by law or rules
Meter Measuring device Metre Metric unit
Pedal A foot-operated lever Peddle To sell goods
Sceptic A person inclined to doubt Septic Infected with bacteria
Stationary Still Stationery Writing materials
Storey Level of a building Story A tale

Hope you enjoy reading and understanding the difference between words and their pronunciation.

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