How To Cope Up A Breakup


Cope Up A BreakupHow To Cope Up A Breakup- The most beautiful thing in the world is to be loved. You feel on top of the world when you are in a sweet relationship. Initially you do not care for the world around you. The one you are looking becomes your world. You really feel out of the world.

Have you ever thought what happens if your relationship does not work out and you have to face a break up?  It becomes very difficult to accept the situation. You cannot tackle it easily. You suddenly feel very much depressed. You do not feel like living. Some even think of committing suicide. So here are few tips to cope up after a breakup. After all you have to go ahead in life.

How To Cope Up A Breakup

Remember life is much bigger than a problem. If you have one reason to cry then please try to look around. You will definitely find ten reasons to smile. You just need to find it around yourself. Try to come out of your shell. Life is beautiful. Remember every dark cloud has a silver lining. If your one relationship does not work out; just do not worry. You can start with another one shortly. Give yourself some time. Be positive always. Think that there is someone better is waiting for you.

Breakups can be devastating sometimes. You go through lots of depression. Nobody can feel the pain you are going through that time. It is not that easy to forget everything immediately especially if the relationship was long term and if you were really serious with it. So give yourself some time to heal. Sometimes you may feel like crying. Do not hesitate. Cry loudly so that all the pain comes out from your heart. Do not keep anything inside. Do not be shy or feel embarrassed doing so. The one laughing at you for crying like this will not come to heal your heart. Only you can do it. Trust that life will go on and so will you.

Give yourself a good break. Do not keep the memories related to him/her in front of your eyes. Put it all in a box and either throw it or keep it at such place where you do not have to see it all again till you wish to. Start your daily routine as early as possible. I know it is going to be little difficult but you do not have any option left at you.


You have to go ahead. And please do not skip your meals and all. You will not get anything out of it but hurting your beloved ones who are still with you. Moreover you will spoil your health.

Just try to get your mind out off of it. Divert your mind somewhere else. Go on outings and if possible arrange a short picnic. Do the things you enjoy whatever they may be. Get involved in your hobbies. Try to distract yourself from your breakup topic. Never think such things that may hurt you. Life is very short; do not make it shorter by doing so. Spend time with people who love you. It may be your family or friends. They are always your supporters and well-wishers. Do not hide anything from them. Be clear. They are the one who will help you get out of this.

Finally accept whatever has happened to you. Your relationship has ended and it is now over. Just try to accept the reality. Be brave. Do not keep false hopes in mind. Remember whatever happens; happens for a reason, so just chill. Enjoy your life. See where you went wrong this time and take a lesson and do not repeat them next time. Just move on with your life.


Post by- Anshu Mundada

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