How To Get A Woman To Like You


How To Get A Woman To Like YouIt has always been a big chase for guys to make a woman attracted towards them. Impressing a woman is a lot of a tricky task, as you never know what a girl is expecting. Her unpredictable nature and moodiness makes her a complicated person in front of most of the guys. But, that is not all true. Making a girl to like you is lot more of a charm than to try hard. A girl is always attracted towards things and people which and who are authentic. They like things to be effortless rather than pushing too hard. So here are some of CHARMING TIPS for all you guys to make a girl like you:

7 Tips To Woo A Woman 

The Smile Factor

Most of the girls like smiley people. And when it comes to guys, a girl generally notices how guy presents himself in front of her. Therefore it is a good and positive way to begin any conversation with the girl you like. It gives a very positive vibe to a girl.

Say NO to Showoff

Most of the guys have a myth that girls are attracted towards big bank balance or the fact “MONEY MATTERS. It definitely becomes a big turn off for girls many times. They like it to be SIMPLE and SWEET. Therefore, showing off your bank balance or your hi-fi lifestyle might become a major problem for you. So avoid those tricks and keep it simple.

Listening More Speaking Less

One of the most critical factors between a guy and a girl is the problem of UNDERSTANDING. And when it comes to her preference list, then she will only go with the guy who has the patience to know her, listen to her and discuss her problem in close. This is one of the very good ways to make a girl like you. Girls like guys who have higher degree of hearing capabilities.


Tips To Woo A Woman

Girls are most of the time attracted toward guys who are genuine and are open about their views. Being fake is one of the ways to put off a girl’s mood. Therefore, if you want to woo a girl then always keep in mind that being open about your habits, past or whatever will not make you inferior in front of the girl but rather you will gain more respect and superiority in front of the girl. Therefore, this is one of the best ways to make a girl to like you.

Polite and Humble

A Guy’s sweetness and down to earth nature impresses a girl. Guys who are arrogant and aggressive are not entertained for long. Girl’s like guys to be good in nature and to be quiet cool in whatever they speak and do.

Pleasant Gifts and Surprises

Girls get highly impressed by surprises. This actually not makes a girl to you but can make a good IMPRESSION of yours in your mind. Technically, it not about materialistic things, but for a change it is good to gift something to a girl which she loves/adores. Even something pleasant can make a girl to like you. Therefore, it is really important to plan up interesting surprises to make a girl like you.

Sense of Humor

This is the most important factor of which a guy can make a girl to get inclined towards him. A guy, whether dark, handsome, tall, short or not so good looking, if he has a brilliant sense of humor then he can make any category of girl to like him. This is that one quality which makes a girl fall for a guy even.

These are the simple ways which if you follow you can impress a girl easily.


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