How To Keep Obesity Away


obesityThis is the world of technology. Everyday something new is being invented to make our life easier and more comfortable. But due to this highly luxurious life many health problems are arising. Obesity has become today’s most common problem.

We need to control it at the earlier stage otherwise it will be the invitation for many diseases. Do not worry. It is not that difficult. You need to try for it and you can surely keep obesity away from your body. No doubt you have to take efforts for that. Here are few simple ways to keep obesity away.

Exercise – The first very important and essential thing is exercise. You need to exercise daily. You should be consistent with it. Walking is the best exercise of all. You may go for yoga centers or any gym and take trainer’s suggestions. Whatever you do but you should be consistent. So choose whatever is suitable and manageable for you.

Most of the ladies think that they do so much hectic work at home so no need of any extra exercise for them. But it is a total misunderstanding for them. Household work does not count under exercise. You need to put extra efforts.

Your fight against obesity will not be successful overnight. It will take some time. You need to be patient. Sometimes you may feel like giving up. But do not do that. Set up your goal. You may take expertise help.

Drink lots of water. Water is an incredible tool you can use to lose obesity. It helps clean your body from toxins. It prevents you from overeating too. Make movements throughout the day whenever possible. For example do not use elevator. Instead use staircase. If you are going to any nearby grocery shop or vegetable market then better go walking. Do not take your vehicle for every little thing. Do not immediately sit after you take your meal. Walk or at least move for some time. Sitting in ‘Vajrasana’ is also helpful.

In New York a simple logic was formed to keep obesity away. It was to rearrange the digestive tract so the stomach can hold less food and the food bypasses part of small intestine which allows less calories to be absorbed. Bariatric surgery is also there.

Having control over diet also helps you reduce obesity. You should avoid eating junk foods. These days almost all the women are working. So they prefer ready to eat foods. But they are not at all good for health. They only lead to overweight. You should maintain your eating times. See that your lunch and dinner times do not vary. Dinner should be taken earlier such that you go to bed after two hours post dinner. Include plenty of salads in your meal. Not only it is good for health but also you eat less after having so much of salad. Eat less oily food. You cannot avoid outside food totally but try to make it less.

Be physically active all the time. High intensity cardio vascular activity will have your heart pumping and you will end up burning a huge number of calories. Keep record of your calorie intake. Minimum 8-9 glasses of water should be drunk every day, even more during summer. You may squeeze a lemon in your glass of water. Do not eat too fast. Take time to chew each morsel and relish every bite of the food. Never skip breakfast. In fact it should be heavier than lunch.

Go for the balanced diet. It will help you stay healthy and keep obesity away. It should contain carbohydrates, vitamins, iron, etc. You should eat a fruit daily. Do not eat very spicy food. These things add fibre to your diet and help you shed weight.


Post by- Anshu Mundada

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