How To Look Gorgeous Without Makeup


How to look gorgeous without makeupHow to look gorgeous without makeup is a big question mark in today’s time when it comes to be beauty and taking care of your skin.

Today is the world of beauty, fashion, glamour. Everybody is concerned about his / her beauty. These days there is so much competition in all the fields that along with the quality of work our outer appearance is also important. Especially in the fields like beauty parlors, fashion designing, air hostess your personality matters a lot.

This is a misunderstanding that you can look good or beautiful only if you put on make-up. This misconception is created because all the time we keep watching the models and heroines on television or in the movies with heavy make-up. They put lots of make up on their face even if they are not shooting. And what we think is we will also look like them if we apply make-up. But it is not good to use cosmetics always. They contain loads of chemicals in them which are harmful for our skin. About models, can say it is the part of their career. It is not that we cannot look beautiful without applying make-up. You can definitely look beautiful without make-up. Let’s see how.

Our beauty depends most on our skin tone. Skin should be plain, fluent without any dark spots. It should be pimple free. For that first of all we should determine our skin type and then maintain it accordingly. The first thing we should do is to maintain hygiene. Wash your face properly with any good quality face wash. Clean it neatly. Never use any of the beauty products. Using different brands may spoil your skin. Be consistent with the one that best suits your skin type. If your skin is dry then make sure you keep it moisturized all the time. Use good quality moisturizer. If you have oily skin then you should use oil free products. Wash your face many times. Do not use moisturizing products. Always wash your face well whenever you come home from outside whatever skin type you may have.

Remember your hair style and dressing is equally important in your looks. Do not just copy others. Wear whatever suits you and your personality always. Your dressing should be season and occasion friendly and suitable. Do not just go for the trendy ones. Also clean your teeth properly. Brush your teeth twice a day. It is necessary for your smile. Keep smiling always. It is anytime better than any beauty products. Have confidence in yourself.

How to look beautiful without makeup

Just believe in yourself. Always think that you are the best. This attitude brings smartness on your face. Never try to be something you are not. Never be jealous of others. Your inner thoughts are clearly reflected on your face.

Do not waste your precious time thinking about the people who hate you. Instead think of the persons who love you and care for you. It will help u love yourself. It will also make you feel proud of yourself which ultimately make you look gorgeous. Just like the clothes if you have spectacles, remember to choose a suitable frame. Do not go for the funky ones.

As I have suggested you to avoid make up it is not like you should totally avoid it. Face cleaning is advisable once a month. In 3-4 months go for facial as per your skin type. Bleach can also be done. If you have dark spots on your face try to remove them always. If you have oily skin then you are more likely to have pimples. Take proper treatment. You can use various natural face masks at home. Keeping your eyebrows in shape is also important. Keep the shape as per your features and then maintain it. You should not make eyebrows very frequently. It will not only spoil your shape but the skin below eyebrows will become loose earlier in future. Fruits are very good for skin. So eat lots of fruits and leafy vegetables. Drink lots of water daily.

This is how we can look gorgeous even without any make-up. Just be yourself.


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