How To Make A Relationship Better


relationshipsHow to make a relationship better is one of the most important questions we all ask once we feel that the love is fading. If you are also one of them then stick to this article and know the best tips on how to make a relationship better.

A relationship is meant to make our lives better. The first time we fall in love, the world appears rosy. As time passes, the excitements starts to fade, the warm feelings diminish. This is the most crucial period when you need to put in efforts to make it work. A relationship is like a plant that needs regular watering, sunlight, and care for blooming into a healthy tree. Love is, thus, not just a feeling, but also, a decision.

Ways To Make A Relationship Better

Both the partners need to make conscious efforts to maintain warm feelings in the relationship. Sharing affection is essential to ensure the emotional well-being of the partner, both in good and bad times. It is natural for your feelings for your partner to change after a few years, but that does not mean that you no longer love your partner. Its just that your love has matured, though you need to make sure that the flavor of love is maintained in your relationship.

Small gestures that show your love for your partner pave way for a healthy relationship. It may include anything from compliments to candle light dinners or a weekend that you plan to spend at a beautiful place. As you add romance to your lives, your relationship gets rejuvenated. At times, surprise your partner with a special dinner or a gift etc.

Show love, Hold hands, kiss, hug and cuddle your partner. Do not be afraid to show affection in public, although make sure that s/he is comfortable with it. However, remember, not to overdo it.

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Spend quality time together. A strong connection needs to be built to enrich the relationship. If you are not able to meet daily, at least talk on phone, but make it a point that you see each other at least 2-4 times a week. Communication is very important in any relationship. Share everything. Be open with each other. Let your partner know if you are hurt by what has been said.

When it comes to fights and misunderstandings, settle them peacefully. Remember, apology and forgiveness are important for ensuring a healthy relationship.

Be honest in your relationship. Establish and maintain trust.  Respect each other’s differences. Share your differing stance politely and respect the perspective of the partner. If the other person were the same as you, would you not be dating yourself?

Above all, love yourself. If you love yourself, you will automatically attract love from your partner. The same goes with self-respect. You need to be emotionally balanced to be emotionally available to your partner whenever s/he needs you.

These were some ways to make a relationship better and blossom forever.


Post by-  Sejuti  Chakraborty


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