How To Make Candles At Home


easy steps for candle makingLearn to make candles at home with our easy steps for candle making and you will find out that making beautiful and attractive candles is no more an herculean task for you…

Candles are something which adds perfection to your romantic mood, they are a great gifts as well. Learn how to make designer wax candles at home. Here is how you can make different types of candles at home and in the most cheapest way to make candle.

Steps To Make Candles

What You Need To Make Candles

Double boiler


Wax colors

Candle Molds or you can use juice/milk  boxes also


How To Make Wax Candles

Melt the wax in a double boiler. Never heat wax directly on a stove until you become expert in understanding the temperature. Melting wax in a double boiler may take some long to melt but it will be the safest way to make candles.

How To Make Candles At Home

Once the wax is melted add the desired wax color in it. You can get fancy wax colors in market but if you want to go cheaper then you may use wax colors used by children to color. This also gives the same color effect.

Till the time your wax is heated, take the thread and your candle mold. Insert the thread in the mold and tie from the bottom leaving 3 inches thread on both sides so that wax could not come out from bottom.

Pour the wax in mold and let it set overnight.

Once you are sure that your candle is dried then gently let the candle out. Don’t pull the thread else it will come out.

Cut out the excess thread and your home made candle is ready. You could decorate it with beads, ribbons, glitters, etc. You can also pour different colors to make a colorful candle.

Here are few more designs for candles 

Learn to make candles at home


candle making


How To Make Wax Candles



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