How To Restore Hair Shine Naturally


Restore Hair ShineWe all know the role of our hair in our beauty. The quality of hair should be maintained. Healthy and shiny hair makes one’s face attractive. Some people naturally get shiny hair but not all are so blessed. Sometimes even the shine of hair is lost somehow. So we need to restore it. Here are a few natural ways to get shiny hair and precautions on how not to lose them.

Sun rays are harmful on our hair. Try to avoid going out in sun or else cover your hair with scarf or something similar. Some people use hair dryer and straightening machines on a daily basis. It is a very wrong method. It is fine to use these instruments sometimes but over use is harmful.

Many people are fascinated to see the beautiful and shiny hair of the celebrities in various advertisements. But all that shines is not gold. The same way whatever shown in the advertisements should not be believed blindly. Try different shampoos and conditioners and finally decide which suits your hair texture and then be consistent with that brand. Many people have the misunderstanding that the expensive ones are better ones but it is not true at all.

Never brush your hair when they are wet. They may break this way. Conditioner should be applied on hair and not till the roots. Wash hair with cold water always. It gives good shine to hair. When you wash your hair make sure you dry them well. Do not just rub towel in all the directions. Do not wash them daily. Ideally you should wash your hair every 3rd day.

Here are few natural and simple ways to restore hair shine 

Apply mayonnaise on hair. Keep for some time and wash with cold water.

Egg is also very useful to get good hair. Crack the eggs, quantity depends on the length and volume of your hair, separate yolk and add olive oil. Blend the solution well. Apply the mixture on hair. Keep for 7 minutes and then wash with any shampoo. Wash well or else bad smell will remain.

Aloe Vera is a very good conditioner and honey helps your hair to shine. Take both of them in equal quantity, apply on hair and then keep for 10 minutes. Give shampoo wash and conditioning to your hair.

Vinegar also gives shine to your hair. Avoid using non-organic styling chemicals to make different hair styles until very necessary. Regular trimming is suggested. Split ends should always be cut. Brush your hair the right way. Do not play with your hair. Never over brush them. Eat lots of fruits and green vegetables. Drink lots of water.

Sesame seed oil is also good for hair shine. You can use it with boiled Shikakai and Ritha in water and wash hair with it. This mixture is anytime better than any kind of shampoo. You can also add lemon drops in water while taking head bath. Beer wash is also good. The mixture of lemon juice, curd, multani powder can also be applied. Mehendi is proved to be a good conditioner.

Many things can be done to restore your shiny hair. What you need is to take little efforts as nothing can be gained so easily.

Aloe Vera is a very good conditioner.


Post by- Anshu Mundada


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