How To Use Stamping Nail Art


stamping nail artWe all have heard about nail art very well as it is the flavor of the season, but some of us are still not familiar with the stamping nail art. Stamping nail art is the latest style of creating amazing effects and designs on your nails with the use of stamping nail art kit.

Here is the simple procedure of applying stamping nail art and you can make your nails look beautiful and creative.

Steps To Do Stamping Nail Art

You Will Need

Image plate

Base nail polish

Stamping nail polish



How To Apply Stamping Nail Art

How To Use Stamping Nail Art

Step 1

Apply the base coat of your nail polish of any color and let it dry completely. Once your base coat is dried switch off the fan. This is just so that your stamping goes smoothly.

Step 2

Select the desired design on the image late and clean it with nail polish remover. Please make sure that stamper, scrapper are also clean.

Step 3

Apply stamping nail polish on the image plate and wipe it using the scrapper. This will remove the excess nail polish on the plate and give you the shape of image you wanted.

Step 4

Take the stamper and press it well on the image plate so that the stamp of your design is strongly printed on it and stamp it again on your nail.

Step 5

To repeat the stamping nail art process clean the scrapper, stamp and image plate again and use in the same procedure for beautiful nail art stamps on other nails.

You are done with your easy stamping nail art process. Don’t get disappointed if you don’t get this perfect on the first time. I am sure by practice you will achieve great stamping nail art.


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