How To Woo A Man


How To Woo A ManHigh heels, sexy deep cut dresses, enchanting fragrance. These all things can wow a guy but to make him fall on knees this is not enough. Wooing a guy is more of a scientific thing than artistic. There are little secrets which every woman should know to learn and master in wooing the guy they like. It takes killer attitude and a dainty demeanour to get him to you for gradual.

The secrets are simple, just simple steps and you can woo the guy of your dream and attract any man here’s how:

  • Makeover can make any girl, a glam doll. But, with perfect hair, makeup and dress-up; it is really important to have that personality and confidence to win a guy’s heart because guys generally cannot stand demure dolls. Today, guys believe in woman of a substance. Therefore, it is really important for a woman to be confident and stand tall in whatever they do.
  • A guy also craves for attention. Many of the people might not be aware of this fact but even guys like being a centre of attention. The best way to attract is to lavish him through mutual interests. This can actually make an indispensable bond between you two.
  • Being Mysterious! Yes, this is one way which makes a guy think about you all the time. Telling them upfront about your choices and liking can make him think you a BORE! Hence, it is really important to make him think about what are your liking and disliking first and then you make a move about it.

how to attract any man

  • Make him your “Protector”. Therefore, ask him help, support, protection whenever and wherever you can. This will make him come closer to you plus this will boost him self esteem. For example, asking him to come along with you if it’s late in the night. Guys like being protective about the girl they love. So, if you actually need him, make him you savior.
  • Applauding him and his humor. Guys love when a girl giggles and smiles. Hence, it really important to make him realize that he makes you happy. This gesture will actually make the guy fall in love with you.
  • Wearing RED! There’s no secret that red is the color of love. Therefore, to turn a guy on, it is a really good way to make him your slave for the evening.

Therefore, here are the ways and moves which definitely will help you to woo the guy you want. Be beautiful, be confident.


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