Is he having an affair?


husband having an affairWe all want to be in a relationship built on trust, love and care. Most of us want to love and be loved, though there are times when we think “is he having an affair?” .The most important thing which a girl demands out of a relationship is trust and honesty. Married or unmarried, there is an unwritten agreement between partners not to cheat the other emotionally or physically.

Surveys have shown that majority of people are faithful in their relationship but when an affair occurs it really traumatizes the other one. So in this article I will share some ways which can help you identify if your partner is cheating on you and answer to your question: is he having an affair? These behaviors are just indicators and not absolutes. If you find one or two in your spouse then you might have gone too obsessive about it and you both can talk it out. But if you notice almost all these points your relationship might be in trouble.

Is your partner cheating on you?

Is your partner uncomfortable around you?

I have seen this as the biggest sign in a cheating partner. Your husband or boyfriend will not behave normally with you. This might be because their interests have shifted to some other person. Your spouse will avoid being social with you or would not like you to socialize, as there is always the fear to get caught.

cheating husband

The guilty behavior

Is your spouse unreasonably complementing you or buying you gifts for no reasons? Watch out for this unreasonable love as it might be his guilt which makes a m

an do so. When a man feels guilty, he may become unusually affectionate and attentive just to mask his affair. This off course does not mean all the husbands who like to help their wives with the daily chores are cheating. You just need to follow your gut feeling.

is your partner cheating on youHe’s unavailable or unreachable

Does your partner claim not to have telephone service for hours or battery dead excuses for long? Does he not pick up your calls or reply to your messages and tell you not to call him because of a weekend meeting or conference? This might be because he is busy with someone else.

The direct clue

Have any of your friends seen him with other girl and after confronting him he said it wasn’t me? This is the high time you need to do something about your cheating partner and confront him.

husband ignoring meInternet clues

If your spouse’s suddenly setup a new email account or a Facebook account hiding from you and doesn’t want you to get the password or check it, is surely a clue about something fishy is going on.

If you find any of these clues don’t panic, there is always forgiveness in a true relationship. Just sit with your partner and talk to him about what you think and listen what he has to say. Everyone deserves a second chance even if your partner is guilty.


Post by- Ishita Purandare

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