The Joy Of Celebrating Womanhood


happy womens dayHappy Women’s Day!!!

Do you need a reason to celebrate your being, your existence? I guess no…Being a woman is probably the greatest blessing of the lord that he has bestowed on you so why not celebrate it? Our reader Rashmi Ranka has contributed her feelings through this article on the occasion of women’s day. Let’s see what she has to share with us.

The Joy Of Celebrating Womanhood

“8th March” yet another day of our lives. Busy with our daily activities, running from kitchen to drawing room to bedroom, managing things for others and after settling them on their routines I finally got some time to have a cup of tea reading the newspaper.

Happy Women’s Day…Mostly people see this but don’t  notice, I guess this is what exactly happens with most of the women. Being a mother, a wife, a daughter your family may see you daily, but won’t notice you. The question here is that ‘do you realize your worth?’

It’s yet another day for you. Isn’t it? Same as all the other days, nothing special in it…

When you can celebrate all other days and festivals, why not this day? In my opinion every woman should. It’s our day. It’s a day to celebrate our womanhood. This is a day to be proud of being a woman. Realize the fact that you are special and the women’s day is the best occasion when you can feel this, as there is no “MENS DAY” in this world. Notice yourself and your worth.

I mean if you can’t notice your own importance than you don’t have any rights to expect others to do so.  Unless you do not notice yourself, how can you expect others realizing your worth?

It’s your life and you should find time for yourself. You should not need someone to tell you that. Your happiness, your aspirations, your feelings, your emotions are equivalently important.

There is nothing wrong or awkward in celebrating your own day. It’s just a small way to feel how special you are. It’s not necessary to have a grand celebration, just do anything which can bring smile on your beautiful face.

You can arrange for a small kitty party, paijama party, go out for window shopping, wearing your favorite dress, or  even eat your favorite food.

So go on girls don’t  let this day be special just for the Women NGO’s ,Card and cosmetic companies, rather make it special for yourself. Love yourself and remember that “Nobody on this earth can take your pain, so don’t let anybody take your happiness either.”

Keep smiling and be proud to be a woman…:)


Submitted by- Rashmi Ranka

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