Know Your Skin Type


skin type testAmong our five basic senses, skin has occupied maximum space of our body. One can judge about our general health from the nature of our skin. There are various types of skin according to which, the type of treatment to be given is decided.

There are mainly 4 types of skin –

  • Oily skin
  • Dry skin
  • Mixed skin
  • Normal skin




For tissue test wash your face properly at night and see that you are not applying any type of cream or lotion on it. Press a tissue over your face completely for 1 minute just after you wake up in the morning.

  • If there are a lot of oil stains on the paper, your skin is oily.
  • If the paper remains dry or if there is only one oil stain at the position of the nose, your skin is dry.
  • If there are a few oil stains and remaining paper is dry, your skin is mixed.
  • If the paper is completely covered with light oil stains, your skin is normal.

But, this test is not considered effective because, the amount of oil coming out from your skin depends upon your food intake of the previous day. Therefore it is difficult to judge the skin of other person.



This skin is generally found in people of young age. In this type of skin the oil glands are activated. They are continuously secreting a great deal of oil. Pimples are seen on the skin. A glaze can be noticed on the face. Make-up does not remain for a long time. From one point, this skin is better as it looks younger for a long period and if necessary care is taken pimples also disappear.

Care of Oily Skin

  • Keep your skin always clean.
  • Clean your skin twice a day using cleansing milk.
  • Clean it thrice a day with warm water and soap.
  • Use medicated soap.
  • Take steam on your skin once a week.
  • Apply pimple pack. Face pack used after facial should be mixed with lemon juice or curd.
  • Do facial or bleach once a month.
  • Don’t keep the make-up for longer time, remove it using cleansing milk.

 know your skin type


This skin is generally found at the age of 30-35 years. This skin looks dry. Wrinkles are found on the skin and around the eyes also. It feels rough to our hands. After washing our face we feel as if the skin is stretched. Skin around the eyes is darker to a greater extent.

Care of Dry Skin

  • Provide oil to the skin externally.
  • Give a massage to the skin before sleeping with oily cream.
  • Clean your skin using cleansing cream instead of cleansing milk. This skin should not be washed frequently.
  • Wash your face with paste of graham flour & milk.
  • Do facial twice a month.



This skin is partly dry and partly oily but there are no cosmetics available for this type of skin in the market. Therefore we have to consider this type of skin either oily or dry. For this skin the following points should be kept in mind.

Care of Mixed Skin-

  • Age of the person: If the age is more than 30 years then the skin is considered as dry.
  • Outside factors: The skin is being constantly affected by external factors such as weather therefore in winter, due to dry weather, the skin becomes dry and in summer, due to more oil, pimples are noticed on the skin.
  • Area covered by oily or dry skin: After observing all the above points, decide the type of skin.

 skin care


This skin is considered the best. Mostly it is observed in children. Neither wrinkles nor pimples are seen on the skin. This skin looks very clean after washing but it needs the most care. If you fail to take the care, the skin becomes dry.

Care of Normal Skin

  • Use cleansing cream to clean the skin.
  • Do facial once in 2 months.
  • Take allergic test before using any cosmetics.

Following are the undesirable effects seen on skin –

Black patches

Due to constant exposure to sun, sunburns are formed on the skin. It is difficult to remove these sunburns or black patches. Try to avoid direct sun rays. Apply hand and body lotion or moisturizer on the skin.


When your skin lacks the natural quantity of oil required, it becomes necessary to provide oil externally.

Pimples, Black heads, White heads

It should be seen that oily skin should always be kept clean. To avoid growth of pimples, exercise in fresh air and avoid spicy, oily food.

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