Lemon Souffle Recipe


lemon souffleSoufflés are amazing desserts and loved widely by everyone and at every age. If you are confused about what dessert are you going to serve tonight after dinner or what dessert recipes to follow ,then don’t worry. We have an amazing, simple and easy recipe of Lemon Soufflé. Just some time for the preparations and you are all set to amaze your guests by resenting a pleasing dessert.

What We Need-

2 Eggs

1 Packet crystal jelly

50gms Powdered sugar

15gms Butter

1 tbsp. Lemon juice

1 cup Thick cream

2 Tbsp. Chopped nuts

½ cup of Water

What To Do

Take a medium sized bowl and mix jelly crystals, egg yolks and butter in 1/2 cup of water.

Mix these on low fire stirring constantly and let it cool.  Keep it in the refrigerator for ½ an hour.

Beat egg white till stiff and fluffy.  When egg white becomes pale add sugar and lemon juice and beat again.

Now add this solution into refrigerated solution and allow setting.

Whip the cream over the bowl of ice and blend until it gets thickened.

Before serving remove from fridge and pour whipped cream on the top and garnish chopped nuts.

By following these simple and easy recipe of dessert you can work with  ease on them. Serve it chilled as a delicious dessert and please your guests.


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