Long Term Teenage Relationship Problems


teenage relationship problemsTo make any new relationship takes no time but to maintain it one needs his whole lifetime. Relationships need much effort to maintain. Case worsens if it is teenage relationship. Very rarely teenage relationships are seen to be long lasting. It has become very common problem in the society today.

The basic reason behind this is the immaturity at this age. Teenage is when you are neither enough matured nor can you say to be immature. That is the very sensitive phase of life. There is a lot of attraction for the opposite sex. They come together only with infatuation and think it is love. Actually they just do not understand love at this age. At the beginning everything goes on well and later on problems occur which ultimately end the relationship.

This young generation has very little experience in life. They do not know much about the outer world. But still think that they know everything. And they are also egoistic. If any problem occurs between the two none of them is ready to be aback. Instead of caring about their valuable relationship they care for their self-ego which ultimately ends up the relationship.

What does this teenage mean? Teenage means still growing phase. It means you are not fully grown up. You come to know many things about life till this age but there is still a vacuum somewhere inside you. And it needs to be filled up for sure.

At this age people need pretty good communication with parents. Generally what we find is the reverse thing. They always have less interaction with parents. There are many misunderstandings often found. Teenage people think that their parents never understand them. Little misunderstandings lead to the big problems. Due to this some may go for drug abuse or even suicide in the worst case. All this can impact on emotional and psychological health and specially the growth of any teenager. They generally think of trying out new things. Still they have few self-doubts which are generally unsolved. Many times teenage people lack self-confidence but are never able to accept it easily. They have regrets for the past and fear for the future inside them which we should never have. Sometimes even unwanted pregnancies are being spotted.

One more problem is the basic difference in the nature and tendency of a girl and a boy. What happens is a girl always needs the full attention and time of the guy she is seeing whereas a boy as well as need the other things too. He cannot be without his friends, sports & other activities. He sometimes even enjoys stag parties. Then the argument begins.

Last but not the least, love should always be unconditional and eternal is what teens needs to understand to avoid all the possible problems to keep their relationship healthy.


Post by- Anshu Mundada

3 thoughts on “Long Term Teenage Relationship Problems

  1. Hello my loved one! I want to say that this article is awesome, nice written and come with almost all significant infos. I would like to see extra posts like this .

  2. Dhruv Bhagat on

    Its really difficult to maintain a relationship which lasts forever.

    Though, I have seen so many girls and guys that were in a relationship from 5-6 years and get married at last..

    But, double of those don’t feel any attraction and broke up with each other. Its all dependent upon you whether you’re serious, caring, attractive and most importantly UNDERSTANDING. 🙂

    All these things matter a lot if you really love your girlfriend or boyfriend truly or not..

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