Love Never Dies


love never diesTrue love never dies. It grows old, gets mature with time, nurtures your sole, flourishes and makes you a strong person than ever before.  When I first met Soha; the love of my life, she was 18 and I was 22 years old.

It was May 1962. Summer was at its peak, crisp wind storms hovering around. Suddenly the sky started turning dark. The sky roared angrily- loud and wild. In no time it started to rain, heavily. I could never forget the day because it was the day when I met the most beautiful girl in my life. The moment I saw her I knew there was some connection between us.  We were waiting for the bus at the bus stop.

The next bus came and we got on it. Luckily the seat near her was vacant and I did not let go of the opportunity. I introduced myself and a very short and formal conversation happened. She got off the bus. I knew we both felt the same way and it turned out to be right.  Daily on the way to college and back, she used to block the seat near her for me.  We started to meet and falling for each other. Those days it was not considered so casual in the society for a girl and a boy to meet secretly. Months passed and years passed. We decided to inform our families about us and did the same. There was no problem from both the sides and soon we got married. That’s the dream of every couple who truly love each other.

We were happy. We had everything we could ever wish for. One fine day a blessing came to our lives as our daughter. We named her Zeya. I felt so complete holding that little angel in my hands. Her tiny fingers snuggling around mine, her adorable smile and bright eyes filled our world with joy. Our love for each other grew with time. I loved Soha even more than before. She was the perfect wife and mother who always put us before herself.

They say that time flies fast when you are happy. Zeya was now going to school.  One day we found out that my wife had a liver disease. We went to different doctors but unfortunately there was no cure. She got worse and all I could do was to see her suffer. I was shattered even with the thought of losing her. And the day came when she left us, when she left me all alone. I didn’t know to live without her. The thought of raising Zeya all alone shook me but I had to do this for love.

When Soha got to know about her illness she always told me one thing which I could never forget ‘I gave you a beautiful yesterday but you have to give Zeya the best tomorrow’. It was her love and trust that she put up on me that I was able to put myself together. Time never stops for anyone, life goes on, and we move ahead and grow. So many things have changed in these years but just one thing didn’t change which is my love for Soha.

Today when my grandchildren ask me about her, I have so many stories to tell them. How we met, how we fell in love, how we stayed in love and that how much I still love her even if she is not there. People die but love never dies. It becomes stronger with time and teaches us to move on keeping all the memories with the one you love.

Today when I am living my last days, I have no regrets. I have a wonderful family, a beautiful daughter and grandchildren. I know Soha would be watching us from somewhere in the heaven and smiling. I wish when I close my eyes for the last time, I go to a world where I can with her again, love her more than before because Love never dies.

Story by- Ishita

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