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As soon as we think about cholesterol it increases our heart beat. Cholesterol is not always harmful but it is also useful in our body. Let us know about cholesterol. What is cholesterol? What are the reasons of increase in cholesterol level & how can we increase good cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol?

Presence of cholesterol in our body is a normal phenomenon. 80% of cholesterol is produced by liver in our body rest of the 20% we get from our daily food. Cholesterol is a sticky substance which occurs in our veins & arteries; therefore it is one of the important elements to build veins & arteries and hormones. It also helps to produce bile juice, which helps in digestion of fats in our body.

Range of cholesterol levels –

Normal range of cholesterol in our body is-200mg/dl

Border line of cholesterol in our body is-200 to 239 mg/dl

Hi risk of cholesterol in our body is-240 mg/dl

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Type of cholesterol

Cholesterol is of two types:-

1 H.D.L.—High density lipoprotein

2 L.D.L.—Low density lipoprotein

H.D.L. is supposed to be good cholesterol, because it helps to break down fats, this absorbs cholesterol & carry it back to the liver which drains it out from the body and that reduces the risk of heart stroke. Whereas L.D.L is bad for health, because having high level can lead to blockage in arteries and result in heart stroke. Therefore it is important to increase H.D.L & reduce L.D.L in our body.

reduce cholesterol levels naturally


How to improve your good cholesterol (H.D.L)? These are the points for you to remember-

  • Take omega 3 fatty acid for example soya oil and its products.
  • Take green vegetables, fruits and oats.
  • Take whole eggs at least three times a weak.
  • Take wall nuts and almonds.
  • Take more mono-saturated fats in our diet.
  • Avoid oily food, use toned milk.
  • Raw onion helps in reducing L.D.L and increasing H.D.L.
  • Do exercise regularly. Most important is walk for at least half an hour daily.

In this way we can control our L.D.L and improve our H.D.L without taking medicine and maintain cholesterol level in a natural way.  If you improve your eating habits or if you make your proper diet plan, then you can avoid the risk of heart diseases.


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