Modi for India, India for Modi


2014 has been the most glorious year for Indians and India. We have got the most charismatic and thoughtful leader of all time. These are rare qualities in Indian politician combined with his vision, he will be the greatest servant of modern India.

He has proved track record of developing a state for almost 12 years as a chief minister. He is one of the very few politicians with clean slate of records. He is unmarried and been a Sevak for long years.

Despite being targeted, hated and cursed by various political parties including vanishing Congress, countless NGOs funded by these parties, all media channels and newspapers and countless left and so called secularists he has overcome and emerged to be true global leader.

More you hate him, more he will work, more he will rise, more he will shine. He is very honest with his beliefs and never lets anyone overcome them. He is Dhoni of Indian politics. He is here for long run. He has single handedly brought India on global map. His working style and thought process is unparalleled.

With following schemes and processes he has bring India to global map
1. Bank accounts for everybody including people under poverty line
2. Interlinked bank account – adhar – pan – mobile no
3. Make in India campaign to increase investment in India and create jobs
4. Swachha bharat abhiyan to clean India
5. Digital India to take country towards cashless economy
6. GST for better taxing
7. Subsidies to transferred to needy people’s bank accounts directly
8. Free gas connection to needy people who were using wood or kerosene as burning material
9. Cheap domestic air travel to cities where there was no flight connectivity
10. Electricity and roads covering 100% of Indian villages
11. Crop insurance schemes for farmers
12. Soil cards for farmers
13. Skill development centers for Indian youth to get job ready
14. River linking project to conserve water

I have mentioned only schemes which I know thorough public platforms.

He is only leader who communicates with his whole nation regularly through radio, mobile app and websites. All of his parties work is communicated through social media. This is not only one way communication but there is feedback process attached with everything.

Apart from giving ample opportunities he has also given new and positive hope to all Indians. He doesn’t see people by their cast but as Indian. Countries who were not recognizing India in world forums are now lining up to forge tie with India die to his amazing foreign policy.

Most of his team do follow his ethics and works accordingly towards building new nation. As he leads from front and sets very high standards, his whole machinery of office bearers has also fallen in line. He probably is the only politician who I have seen respecting Loksabha where all political affairs begins with a namaskar.

He is not afraid of taking difficult but necessary decisions like demonetization or surgical strikes. He knows how to deal with every type of human being. He today stands firm devising future strategy of India and helping it on the way.

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