Motherhood changed my life


I look at the clock and it says 4 in the evening. My baby is down for a nap and here I am with my laptop and a cup of tea. Sipping my tea I realise that the last time I wrote anything (a blog or content) was 18 months ago. Oh my god! That’s quite a long time.

Well I started to recall that why didn’t I write anything? What have I being doing. Has life changed that much? I mean can a baby keep me engaged all day long or I have managed to sneak out from work to be lazy. I still can’t figure out the reason.

I said to myself better late than never. I should start now but wait a minute, what do I write? In my life I never had such a big dilemma in selecting a topic to write. I have been writing on relationships, food, travel and style, how I cannot get anything to write now.

Well I think its lack of creativity as hundred things running on my mind because now mostly what I think about is my baby. (I call myself a baby obsessed mom).  The only thing I think about is my baby’s timetable like he might be hungry or is that place safe for him to play? What should I make in the evening snack for him today? His clothes are dirty. Why his diaper is not soiled its already 3 hrs. And the list goes on (I know even I laugh at myself for doing that).

What I mean to say is that babies change our lives upside down, but in the nicest and most beautiful ways. I have no regret not working since a long time. As when I look back in time all I can remember are the beautiful first memories we build together. When he first smiled, crawled, said a word or anything else. I really cherish the ‘we’ time we spend together.

Whether we are stay at home moms, working moms, single moms, whatever, and it really does not matter. But what matters the most to a ‘mother’ to ‘us’ is what and how we up-bring our baby. What believes we pass on to them. Well spent hour with our babies can also create a magical bond between us. Time is really not a barrier.

Has motherhood changed my life? And the answer is a big YES. I hope to return to work soon but with a confidence that whatever I do. I will make sure that this bond goes stronger with time and I will successfully raise a baby into a gentle man.

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