6 Must Have Accessories For Women


We all know that accessories can transform a boring and dull outfit into a flamboyant and a style statement one. In this article we will share 6 must have accessories for women, which will help you update your wardrobe and get trendy…

6 Must Have Accessories For Women



Shades is one thing that goes equally with western as well as traditional. Every girl must have a smart pair of sunglasses which should obviously suite your face and style. They come in different shapes,styles  and sizes with which you can select from. So sunglasses take the number 1 position in my list.


belts for women

The second most important accessory you must have are belts. By belts here I mean that you must have a skinny stylish belt. These belts go amazingly with cardigans, denims or skirts. You must have some basic colors like beige, black and white.

Bags/ Purses


If you don’t have a stylish purse or a bag then this should be the number one thing on your shopping list. A classic and elegant bag makes your look complete. Your bag should be big enough to carry your makeup, cash, sanitary napkin, medicines, or some other important thing that you could need.



You must have some over the top funky jewelry which could really transform your look from a simple and shy look to a completely different, attractive and complete one.

You must have heavy bracelets, lour neck pieces, beautiful earrings etc.


scarfs for women

A scarf is your necessity. Have lots of colorful and bold scarfs not only in winters but also to accompany your dresses when you need them. Trust me , they look beautiful.



Get cool pair of heels for yourself. If you are uncomfortable wearing pencil heels then you can g for wedges, they are so comfortable that you wont notice you are wearing heels. You must have the basic colors to match with every outfit you want.

Hope you enjoyed must have accessories for women. Let us know if you like the article.


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